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Dr. Langlois on NBC Dateline with Ann Curry (Rescue in the Mountains)

Dr. Langlois in the Movies, (watch the trailer, and the clip for the Dead Jocks):

Dr. Langlois with animal rescue in Guyana

Dr. Langlois with Spay/Neuter in Mexico

Dr. Langlois' Inner City Kitties, free spay/neuter:

Dr. Langlois, as speaker/instructor with the Carrebean Vet Med Association:

Dr. Langlois work in Beirut Lebanon

Dr. Langlois teaching and training Maasia Warriors in Kenya:

Dr. Langlois working with Wildlife in Guyana:

Dr. Langlois in rural Tennesse providing free Spay/Neuter:

Dr. Langlois on a cycling adventure:

Research Paper:;jsessionid=2AAEF578C31A11A9A4871FF3069DCDAC.jvm4

Inner City Kitty program to provide free cat spay/neuter for low income, inner city Grand Rapids:

Bow the cat:,0,5152780.story