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We get asked a lot about having Spay Neuter Express come visit a new location. We are very happy to consider new locations and we are expanding our clinics and staff to accommodate. If the location is within 90mins or so, we can arrange to make a visit one day at a time. If its much further then that, what we typically do is arrange for 2 or more days, or pair it up with several locations each for a day or more in the general area. For instance, we are now making a swing thorough the upper peninsula every 3 months, stopping at various locations.  With the further distance locations we ask that you find someone to supply some place to stay and a meal or two. 

What we require at each location, is a building that we can use to hold registration indoors, and has adequate space for holding the kennels and animals for the day. We have used TSC, Family Farm and Home and other feed stores. We have used Pet Supplies Plus and other pet stores and groomers. We have used vacant store fronts and buildings. We have also used animal shelters and humane societies. Our mobile clinics are completely self contained, with heat/AC, running water and generators. We also need 3/4 local volunteers, to help with registration/discharge and to help monitor the animals before and after surgery. Also we need someone to help with promotion in the local area.

If you can help us satisfy these requirements, please email Dr. Langlois at brucelangloisdvm@yahoo.com to get the ball rolling.